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Return on Investment Cost Analysis

Just how much money can LaborWorks™ save your business?
In the following scenario, we will compare the cost of typical administrative needs within a 50 person company with that of a 1-year subscription to EDF Laborworks.

LaborWorks performs all of these tasks and more!

Administrative Task Annual Cost
Payroll Data Entry Clerk $30,000
Project Manager Data Entry and reports $50,000
Printing/Implementing Internal Training Materials $10,000
Human Resources Documentation $35,000
Project Audit Preparations $15,000
Cost Accounting Audit Preparations $15,000
Quality Control Coordination $35,000
Customer Liason Communication $45,000
Internal Communications $30,000
Asset Management  $20,000
Invoicing $50,000
Total $335,000
Annual LaborWorks™ Cost**
Total Annual Savings $290,000

** Cost based on 50 users for 1 year. Pricing varies based on contract term and number of users.
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