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Click to EnlargeIt's time to put LaborWorks™ to the test.

LaborWorks™ supports multiple user classes -- for example, a Human Resources User can access more content (such as payroll information) than an employee can. Each class is 100% secure -- only the content assigned to a specific class can be viewed by its respective users.

Choose a user class below to view its demo.

Employee Demo Employees have the power to submit their labor data, request time off, request work order assignments, and more.
Supervisor Demo Supervisors have full access to Job Tracker functions, including employee job assignments.
Executive Demo Executives have the power to approve time off requests, add and assign employees to work orders, and more.
Administrator Demo Administrators have all the rights of Executives plus payroll, benefits, employee administration, and more.
Customer Demo If you so choose, your customers can log in using their own unique usernames and passwords to monitor project information and interface with your employees.

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